A blend of dark and angry industrial beats with a dash of experimentation. A second chance at completing something started but never finished way back in time. Slowly getting back into the scene I never stopped loving but for whatever reason left for an extended period. In my current reincarnation I’ve had the pleasure of playing at various shows put on by Mutilate, Nightvision and the Sydney Hardcore Network. In the process supporting internationals like Lenny Dee, I:Gor and Tymon. And soon I will be getting to play my first NYE gig supporting Art Of Fighters and then travelling interstate to Brisbane in mid January. The Podcasts I’ve done have generally been a even mixture of my own music and that of my peers while live it’s an emphasis on putting my own music first and foremost. So you could say more of a live feel then a Dj set. Currently dividing my label time between Seizure Squad Digital and hopefully getting my own label up in 2015. Currently have three tracks released via Track It Down under the Seizure Squad label and have had two remixes released previously. 2015 will be all about plugging these a little harder along with some releases that are in the pipeline. That and trying to gig more to get a greater presence on the local front. So a case of watch this space.