Hawk & Napz

hawk n napz


Hawk & Napz are Sydney bred DJs and Producers. Representing hardcore DnB and industrial crossbreed, you can expect heavily distorted kicks, hard metallic snares, dark atmospheres and driving basslines.

Hawk & Napz fell in love with hardcore in 2006 however, originally started DJing together experimenting with the darker side of techno, house and DnB. It was the discovery of crossbreed, and it’s diversity, which pulled them back to the harder side of dance music, fascinated by the endless possibilities to crossover with anything from hardcore, drum and bass to metal.

The new kids on the block within the Sydney Hardcore scene, they have already proved themselves as a force to be reckoned with, after winning the Mutilate DJ competition and supporting acts such as Art of Fighters, Tripped and K.R.T.M – Along with showcasing their very own productions.

With 2015 set to be a big year for Australian hardcore, Hawk & Napz will be there to deliver a barrage of devastating kicks and snares, anywhere between 175 and 220 bpm.