Cyberstruct is a name synonymous with the recent wave of doomcore artists. Though a fairly new producer on the scene and hailing from one of the most isolated cities in the world Cyberstruct has managed to attract the attention of several european labels as well as artists. His productions being supported by bigger names in the industrial and doom scene such as The Relic, Embrionyc and Fracture 4.

As a DJ Cyberstruct held residency at club Dominate in Perth for three years and during that time has played support for various artists including The Outside Agency, Sei2ure, Stormtrooper, Lenny Dee and many more as well as being booked for interstate events on several occasions.

Cyberstruct challenges the limitations of industrial hardcore music providing a dark and intense musical journey into hard industrial sounds and sombre soundscapes.

Labels: Traumatic / Noisj / Dark Like Hell / Dark Productions / Abraxis / Antistatic